Goat Aid

Mind Map: Goat Aid

Aid Project in a developing country

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  • Goat Aid
    • Background
      • Gives goats to families and villages
        • Produce food and income
      • Malawi
      • Oxfam charity
    • Advantages
      • Goat milk and meat is an excellent food source
      • Goats breed easily which makes it sustainable
      • Manure can be used as crop fertiliser
      • Brings village together as they look after the goat(s)
      • Milk and babies can be sold to pay for food and education
    • Disadvantages
      • Veterinary care is expensive and will be hard to find
      • They need to be taught how to look after the goat properly
      • Family has to provide food and shelter for the goat
      • Transporting the goat to a new environment could be an issue
    • Sustainable?
      • Goats can reproduce- are then passed on to other families
      • Benefits are more than just milk
      • Knowledge can be passed on once taught
      • Food, shelter and veterinary care will need to be provided


Mr A Gibson


Goat Aid is often used as an example in an exam question by students. Too often though, students are low on details of how the scheme works. This has lots of information that you can use and gives a level of detail that will enable you to reach level 3 in your answer (to a longer question) BUT - you will need a location example and you will need to add a few figures to this mind map to finish it off completely - do not let this pass you by though as it is very good.



Also, to gain marks you could mention that the project is aimed at the girls because it can help to prevent prostitution, early or forced marriages etc. The goat aid project is also known as the 'girl effect.'



what goat was used?

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