GCSE PE Theory: Goals in Sport

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  • Goals in Sport
    • Long Term Goals
      • Culmination of many training programmes
        • lead to competitions or final events
      • There are two types of goals in sport
        • Outcome Goals
          • results of performance in competition
        • Performance Goals
          • concerned with previous performances
      • Long term goals may include
        • Beating a personal best
        • Representing country
        • Being selected for the olympics
    • Short Term Goals (SMART Targets)
      • There are several levels to short term goals
        • training hard to achieve a good distance and qualifying for an event
          • winning event and being selected for a team
      • S.M.A.R.T Targets
        • S - specific
          • Goals are 'to the point'. Could be time or distance goal
        • M - measurable
          • Results can be measured and therefore compared
        • A - achievable
          • Goals are challenging, yet reachable
        • R -  realistic
          • Goals are relevant to an individual's levels of skill and fitness
        • T - timebound
          • Goals allow time for improvement,e.g. weekly training sessions


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