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    • 'I have no way, and therefore want no eyes'
      • Rejected one son, betrayed by the other.
        • Blinding happened in his own house.
    • 'They kill us for their sport'
      • Ironic- 'It was great sport at his making'
        • Death so ruthless. Like a fly to a wanton boy.
          • Loss in faith - chain of being (because he is talking baout God.)
    • 'I see it feelingly'
      • He sees the world better than he did with eyes. (When sat on heath with Lear)
        • Irony- sees the truth about his sons when he is blinded.
    • His 'jump'
      • Shakes puts audience in his position - we mst trust someone else.
        • Meek- AO3- some audience members cannot look- we are in Gloucester's position.


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