Guide To Answering Religious Studies Questions

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  • Glossary in answering Religious studies essays
    • Analyse
      • Requires an answer that takes apart an idea, concept or statement in order to consider all the factors it consists of. Answers should be logically organised
    • Assess (critically asses in most cases)
      • Requires a weighing of an argument to consider its main features, and the strengths and weaknesses of elements of the argument
    • Compare
      • Requires an answer which sets answers side by side to show their similarities and differences. A balanced answer is expected
    • Consider
      • Requires and answer in which a view needs to be thought about and described
    • Criticise
      • Requires an answer which points out mistakes and weaknesses, and that also indicated favourable aspects. Requires a balanced answer
    • Discuss
      • Requires an answer which explains an idea or concept, then gives details with supportive information, examples, points for and against, and explanations. Both sides of the argument need considering
    • Explore
      • Requires an answer which examines the subject and considers a variety of viewpoints
    • To What Extent (is X true?)
      • Requires an answer which discusses and explains ways in which X is true and ways in which it isn't


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