Glorious settlement

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  • Glorious Revolution - Settlement
    • Political
      • William and Mary were 'de facto' monarchs
      • Bill of Rights, Mutiny Act banned any standing army
        • Made monarch suspending/ dispensing powers unconstitutional
    • Religious
      • Dec. in Feb 1689 stated no Catholic would inherit crown
      • 1689 Toleration Act exempted dissenters from penal laws, w/ oath
      • Less tolerate than William wanted (Calvinist), as Test and Corporation Acts stayed in place
    • Financial
      • Parl. consent on all taxation
      • £1.2 mil a year
        • Miller; this made Crown dependent on Parl
      • Scott; allowed for real state building
    • Multiple Kingdoms
      • Scotland
        • Convention of Estates (w/o Jacobites) voted forfeit
        • William agreed to abolish prelacy
        • Following Jacobite uprising, further accommodations for Pres. in Parl
      • Ireland
        • Landed in Catholic controlled parts w/ defeated James at Boyne
        • Harris- represents the three very different revolutions


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