Globalisation Case Studies

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  • Globalisation Case Studies
    • South Africa
      • "Brain Drain"
      • Skilled workers leaving the country to find better wages
      • Open jobs that cannot be filled due to the requirement of skilled workers
      • Unskilled workers are left and are unable to fill the roles
      • EG. Air Traffic Control Workers
    • UK
      • Food
        • Foreign cuisine introduced into British culture
        • Fast food brands introduced such as Subway and Mcdonalds
          • Mcdonalds open 2,000 restaurants every year
      • Technology
        • Much of our everyday technology is now imported
        • Britain relies on other countries keeping there industrial background due to decline in industry
        • UK relies heavily on Importing technological components
      • Transport
        • Influx of foreign cars
        • Decline of the British motor industry
        • British car makers taken over by foreign companies
      • Environment
        • Globalisation allowed Britain to join international organisation such as the G8 to Tackle these issuese
        • Led to developments in technology and techniques being shared
        • Aim to reduce carbon emissions and combat global warming
      • Industry
        • Ethical Issues- Outsourcing of work to countries where workers are treated with poor wages, long hours and unsafe working conditions
        • Outsourcing of work for cheaper labour allows them to stay in business in tough economic climate
        • Structure of British industry has changed- Decline of primary and secondary sector jobs (Raw material gathering and manufacturing)
          • Caused by outsourcing of work- Allowed by improved transport, trade and communication links
    • Brazil
      • One of the worlds fastest developing countries due to international trade
      • Trade industry has allowed it to achieve NIC status
      • Developed from trading in low value items to more valuable more specialised products


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