going global - background

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  • globalisation
    • key characteristics
      • To do with the ways in which places and people are becoming evermore closely linked
      • The process by which people, their cultures, money, goods and information can be transferred between countries with fewer or no barriers
    • factors that encourage globalisation
      • 'switched on'
      • 3 Ms - motive, means and mobility
        • motive- profit, country must have financial gain
        • mobility- improved  transport and communication links
        • means - financial support (from banks)
      • human and natural resources
    • opportunities presented
      • trade alliances
      • political unions
      • more jobs in LICs
      • TNCs
      • sharing of knowledge and culture
    • problems caused
      • loss of individuality amongst nations
      • immigration issues
      • loss of jobs in HICs
    • Economic groupings
      • MEDC - more economically developed country
      • NIC - newly industrialised country
      • LEDC - less economically developed countries
      • LDC - least developed countries
      • EU -European Union - economic and political grouping of 27 European countries
      • HIC - highly industrialised countries
      • G8 - 8 most powerful countries in the World who meet annually to discuss pressing issues
      • OPEC - organisation of petroleum exporting countries, mostly in the middle east


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