Globalisation of Crime

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  • Globalisation of Crime
    • Green Crime
      • Beck: 'Risk Society'- massive demand for consumer goods.
      • White: Should be defined as any action against the environment. Current laws are inconsistent.
    • Corporate Crime
      • Slapper and Thomas: paperwork, non-compliance, environmental crime, manufacturing offences, labour law violations, unfair trade policies and financial offences.
      • Box: need to maintain profits in increasingly global markets.
    • Hobbs & Dunningham
      • 'Glocal Organisation' close knit communities composed of other individuals seeking opportunities.
    • Glenny
      • 'McMafia' KGB generals brough oil, gas etc cheap and sold for a vast proft. Formed mafia style groups in order to protect wealth.
    • Karofi & Mwanza
      • Illegal drug trade, human trafficking, money laundering and cyber crime.
    • Corporate Crime
      • Cohen: huge increase in power of states as they pass more laws. Increase in new technologies monitors citizens. 3 stage denial: 1. complete denial.           2. change acts described       3. justification
  • Growing interdependence of societies across the world.


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