Globalisation, Development and the Environment

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  • Globalisation, Development and the Environment
    • Development
      • The way in which a country seeks to progress economically and to improve the quality of life for its inhabitants
      • Level of development is shown by economic indicators of average wealth and income
      • In an economically developed society citizens enjoy health, long life and an education
      • Human rights are protected
    • Valid
      • It is relevant
    • Reliable
      • Must use trustworthy data
    • Income per Capita
      • Mean average income of a group of people
      • Calculated by taking an aggregate source of income for a country and dividing it by population size
    • GDP
      • Final value of the output of goods and services
      • Includes the value added by any foreign-owned businesses
      • Not easy to be calculated as the earnings of every citizen needs to be accounted for including those who are illegal or unregistered
    • Four Economic Sectors
      • Agriculture or Primary
      • Services or Tertiary
      • Industry or Secondary
      • Quaternary
    • Human Development Index
      • Ranks countries according to economic and social criteria
      • Devised by the United Nations Development Programme
      • Produces a number between 0 and 1
      • Life Expectancy
        • The numbers of years a person can be expected to live
      • Income
        • Use GNI of a country to measure wealth
      • Eduaction
        • Uses an education index based on the average number of years of schooling for a person
    • Gender Inequality Index
      • Measures gender inequalities
      • Reproductive Health
        • Measured by maternal mortality ratio and adolescent birth rates
      • Empowerment
        • Measured by parliamentary seats occupied by females
        • Percentage of women aged 25 with secondary education
      • Labour Force Participation
        • Participation rate of females aged fifteen years and older in the labour force
    • Environmental Quality
      • Environmental quality is often poor in developing and emerging economies
      • The measurement takes into account the amount of pollution found outdoors and the quality of air inside people's homes
    • Negative and Positive Impact of Globalisation on the Environment
      • Negatives
        • Climate change
        • Biodiversity loss
        • 40% of soil is used as agricultural land
        • Habitat loss
        • Groundwater depletion
        • Removal of mangrove forests has increased flood risk
      • Postivies
        • Cheap food


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