MIGRATION, IDENTITY AND SOVEREIGNTY - Globalisation and migration

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  • Globalisation and Migration
    • Globalisation is the increasing interconnectivity between people and places through IT, travel and business.
    • Link between globalisation and migration:
      • increased transport means people are able to move freely and migrate - EASYJET
      • Core-periphery systems see backwash flows - people and goods travelling from periphery --> core regions (positive feedback) INDIAN WORKERS.
      • TNC's open up FDI in attractive areas, promoting rural-urban migration for jobs in HQ's (CHINA)
      • Trade blocs (EU) introduces free movement (Schengen Agreement).
    • Large-scale migration within a country- (55% of Chinese now live in cities).
    • Large scale migration between countries (USA has 45 million foreign-born)
    • Environmentalfactors increasing migration
      • Agriculture is threatened where climate change occurs- a refugee crisis will lead to desertification (Syria's hostile environment).
    • Political factors
      • 12 million people were displaced by Syrian war.
    • Economic factors
      • GFC of 2007-2008, decline in remittances and had the potential to reverse migration.
      • High roles in urban areas lures people seeking powerful, well-payed jobs.


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