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  • Globalisation
    • is the process of all the worlds systems and cultures becoming integrated.
    • why is globalisation increasing?
      • improvement in ICT and the internet. makes it quicker and easier for business around world communicate.
      • improvement in transport include airport trains and ships. allowed world to communicate trade better.
    • how are TNCs increasing globalisation?
      • TNCs produces and sell product located more than one country . This increases countries links together . This also bring culture and promotes consurism
    • how are Governments increasing globalisation ?
      • free trade - goverment increase globlaisation by promoting free trade e.g. reducing traffis goods . making easier to trade between countries.
      • Investment - govement compete for  attract with \TNCs. as they bring jobs and taxes and promote economic grwoth
      • Privatisation- government hand over industries private companies e.g. uk rail service run in france.
    • how is globalisation increasing global inequality?
      • free trade benifits rich country tnc profits poor country struggle to compete ie produce cheap goods


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