The Impacts of global warming: Africa

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  • Global Warming: Africa
    • The evidence of global warming
      • The continent as a whole is 0.5 degrees Celsius warmer
      • In Kenya the temperatures have increased by 3.5 degrees Celsius
      • Droughts have become more common, as areas that have been semi-arid have become even drier
      • Rainy seasons are now more unreliable, and overall rainfall is decreasing
      • Rains are more localized but there is still little rain
    • Why is Africa vulnerable?
      • Most African economies are totally dependent on agriculture,less rainfall and higher temperatures that cause more hazards is devastating
      • The UNEP (The United Nations Environmental Programme) reported in 2007 that 14 African countries were suffering scarcity
        • 11 more countries will join them by 2032
      • The Sahara will see reductions in rainfall, perhaps increasing its area
      • As water  more variable, competition for water becomes more deadly increasing tensions between countries
      • As the quality of water falls outbreaks of chlorea and other water-bounre diesaes will be more frequent
    • Physical Impacts
      • Africa contains 20% of all known species of plant, mammals and birds
        • 20%-50% of species in Africa could face extinction
      • Many low-lying countries  will be at risk from rising sea levels and greater erosion and less protection from wind storms
    • Human Impacts
      • Only small areas will see an increase or maintained amount of crop yield this will effect farmers that Africa's main export
      • Malaria is on the increase as the humidity rises and the concentration of the rainfall, so it will spread to wider areas. It is estimated that in South Africa alone 7.2 million people will be at risk of Malaria
    • Key words
      • The debt crisis is where many African countries have become heavily in debt that their repayments exceed their entire GNP
      • Cash crops are crops sold for income rather than one's own food security
      • Desertification is the way in which climate change and over-grazing turn previous fertile land into desert
      • Food security is the exten in which a country can n rely on its food supplies


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