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  • Global warming
    • Human
      • Deforestion
        • Relasing stored carbon into the atmosphere
      • Burning of fossil fuels
        • Factories
      • Heating in homes gives off gases
      • increase in farming
        • meat and rice have increased the amount of methane in our atmosphere (creating farming products that produce methane to meet population demand
      • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
        • Melting of ice caps releases CO2 trapped in the ice
        • Transport of goods around the world on planes has increase CO2
          • Increades air travel.This accounts for nearly 80% of CO2 caused by transport
        • Transport especially increase in car ownership has produced more greenhouse gases
      • Technology
    • Natural
      • Past changes in the earth's orbit around the sun has created warmer and cooler periods.
        • Europe went through a mini ice age between 1300 and 1800.
      • Methane gas
        • Animals
      • Solar output
      • Natural disaster


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