A2 Marine Science - Global Warming

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  • Global warming
    • Not caused by human activity
      • Carbon dioxide increase may be due to release from warming seas
      • Temperature rise may be natural / cyclical
      • Carbon dioxide from volcanoes / forest fires
      • Temperature rise may link to solar activity
    • Caused by human activity
      • Carbon dioxide produced by combustion of fossil fuels
      • Deforestation
      • CFCs from land fills
      • Global temperature rise over last century linked to rise in carbon dioxide levels
      • Increased number of cars
    • Evidence of occurence
      • Ice cap loss (and satellite images showing this)
      • Rise in sea level
      • Recent rise in global temperature
      • Changes in species range
      • Temperature data from meteorological surveys
      • Fossil / glacial data
    • Effects
      • Coral bleaching
        • Loss of zooxanthellae
      • Ocean acidification
      • Ice caps melting
        • Sea level rise
          • Change in salinity
      • Water oxygen depletion
      • Increased phytoplanktonic productivity
      • Loss of species / food sources


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