Global Variations in Energy Consumption and Distribution

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  • Global Variations in Energy Access and Consumption
    • Distribution
      • Oil: In 2007 Middle East 30.8% of oil production, N.America 16.5%
      • Gas: Russia and USA produce 40% world's total
      • Wind: Germany world leader at 23.6%
      • Coal: China produces 41.1% worlds total, USA 18.7%
    • Consumption
      • MEDC: USA shows huge demand for energy resources. Germany and UK have improved energy efficiency
      • Developing Countries: Most stuggle to pay for enegy, demand influenced by rate of economic development and pop. growth
        • 2 billion people lack access to household electricity. In these countries, biomass accounts for 90% of total energy consumption
      • NICs: China accounts for 1/3 of growth in global oil demand in 2000. Demand for oil in china expected to rise 5-7% per year
    • Use of energy has changed over time due to:
      • Technological Developments, increasing national wealth, changes in demand, changes in price, environmental factors
    • Why energy supply varies


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