Global Groupings

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  • Global, Social & Economic groupings
    • Reasons for them:
      • further socio-economic developement
      • Increase alliance and trader
      • allow free movement
      • prevent war
    • Groupings
      • SAARC
        • South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation
        • Members inlude India, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives
        • Purpose
          • provides a platform for the people of South Asia to work together
          • accelerates the process of economic and social development in Member states
          • encourages cooperation in agriculture, rural developemnt, science and technology, culture health etc
      • NATO
        • North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
        • 28 Member nations
        • Purpose
          • united members in a defense pact.
          • a military attack on one of these nations is considered an attack against them all
          • Defense and security
      • EU
        • European Union
        • 27 members
        • Purpose
          • set up after WW2 to ensue stability and peace within Europe.
            • since evolved to develop a more economic emphasis
      • Commonwealth
        • 53 independent sovereign states
        • Purpose
          • social and humanitarian .
          • promotes democracy, rule of law, good governance and human rights
      • OPEC
        • Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
        • Made up of 11 developing countries including Algeria, Qatar, UAE
        • Purpose
          • coordinating and unifying petroleum policies of its member countries
          • stabilise prices in international oil markets. Wants to secure steady income to producing countries


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