Global Patterns of Energy

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  • Global Patterns of Energy Supply
    • Oil
      • Production:  Middle east most accesible oil reserve
      • Consumption: Chief use is USA but fast growing demand in Asia.
    • Natural Gas
      • Production: Mainly sourced in Europe/Eurasia, although the Middle East is now reckoned to be the chief area of reserves with 41% of global reserves, compared to Eurasia's 35%.
      • Consumption: Russia is the chief user of this type of energy but there is a growing demand in Asia and Europe
    • Coal
      • Production: Asia Pacific is the major source. Other chief areas include the USA, but the
      • Consumption: chief user is China. Asia has the fastest growing demand, expected to double by 2025
    • Hydro electric Power
      • Production: Major source in south/central America with 28% of global production. There a limited reserves as HEP requires specific conditions to meet (heavy, reliable amounts of precipitation and valleys).
      • Consumption: Big four nations are China, Brazil, Canada & USA
    • Nuclear
      • Production:  Rare; not present in the Middle East due to political reasons. It is most important in Europe/Eurasia and North America. Few reserves have been built due to the Chernobyl event.
    • Bio fuel


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