Global Groupings

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  • Global Groupings
    • LDC
      • World's poorest low-income nations
        • A group of arounf 50 nations have have been named 4th world countries
          • Ethiopia, Afghanistan
    • NICs
      • BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India, China
      • Middle-income nations. Export and average earnings have risen at an unprecedented rate since the 1970's
        • RIC's such as Singapore, South Korea
    • FCCs
      • Middle or low-oncome countries. break up of soviet union in 1989 created 15 ex-soviet states
        • Middle Income - Russia
        • Low income - Kazikstan
    • OPEC
      • Organisationsof Petroleum Exporting Countries
        • Petro-dollar earnings of states such as Saudi Arabia = one of wealthiest groups
          • GDP of around $350 billion in 2007
      • However, unevenly distributed among citizens
        • E.g Nigeria has a life expectancy of 44
      • Middle East, Africa, Indonesia
    • OECD
      • Organisation for Economic Corporation and Development
      • 30 nations, high levels of wealth evenly distributed and good standards of living
      • Groupings include all the world's highest income countries
        • G8 (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Russia)


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