Global Crime

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  • Global Crime
    • "The Widening, deepening and speeding up of world wide interconnectedness in all aspects of life from the cultural to the criminal, financial to the spiritual" - Held et al
    • The global criminal economy
      • Supply and demand
        • Part of the reason for transnational crime is the economy of sply
        • The rich demand west demands drugs, prositituion from the developing countries (similar to an illegal version of core and periphery)
        • In Colombia 20% of the population is dependant on the cocaine trade
      • Taylor
        • Globalisation, by giving free rein to capitalism has led to greater inequality and thus has meant an increase in crime
        • Individualism created by marketisation has led to people making decisions based on personal gain rather than community benefits or social cohesion
        • Large scale crime has been helped by technology meaning elites can cipher large amounts of money through banker fraud
      • Glenny: McMafia
        • Refers to the organisations which emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union
        • After the fall of Communism, the Russian gov. they deregulated prices except for natural resources which stayed at the old price - a fortieth of the world market price
          • This meant that groups could sell oil on the global market with a massive profit - leading to organised crime in this industry
    • Green Crime
      • Traditional crime is clean-cut, green crime is more difficult to find those responsible as it is usually a laerge TNC committing the crime
      • Industrailisation has increased the green crime
      • South et al, identitifys two types of green crime, primary and secondary
        • Primary - resulting directly from the destruction of the earth, this includes pollution, deforestation and water pollution
        • Secondary - breaking or neglecting rules/laws that prevent disasters like waste dumping
          • Deepwater Horizon oil spill, BP increased cancer and respiratory dieases in the area, affected 10,000 species of animal
            • 2010
          • Chinas neglagence of pollution rules, 500,000 die a year directly from air pollution in China
    • Crime contributes 15% of the worlds GDP


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