Global Warming - Environmental and Medical Issues RE

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  • Global Warming (UNIT 3 RE GCSE)
    • Greenhouse effect
      • Thought to be caused by human activity
      • By burning fossil fuels, it releases carbon dioxide
        • Produces a barrier in the atmosphere
          • The Earth's temperature rises
    • Natural Climate Change
      • Warmest periods in the last 10,000 years happened before humans produced a carbon footprint
    • Solar Activity
      • The increase in temperature is caused by the radiation coming from the sun
      • When the solar activity is high, there are fewer clouds
        • The heat from the sun reaches the Earth and warms it up.
    • Possible Solutions
      • Different ways to make electricity without producing carbon
        • EG. Wind power, sea power, hydroelectric power and solar power
      • Using biofuels, such as ethanol, using hydrogen and electric batteries.(IN CARS)
        • HOWEVER: Biofuels are made from crops - which could be used for food.
      • Increase the use of public transport
      • Improve the efficiency and reduce the pollution that cars produce.


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