global shifts (china and uk)

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  • global shifts
    • effects on uk
      • Leicester
        • Stats: 330k population 50% white 30% Asian/Indian 25% higher benefit claims than average £23,190 average income
        • deraliction
        • lack of available jobs
        • crime/ drug use
      • People employed in steal:       1980 – 142k  1988 – 52k  2000 – 32k
      • downward multiplyer effect
      • cheaper imports
      • loss of jobs in manufacturing
    • effects on china
      • benefits
        • political influance over other countries
        • new technologies
        • better standard of living health and education
        • economic growth of 10% since 1979
      • costs
        • high urbanisation rates and population dencity within citys
        • large amounts of pollutants realised because of little environment control
        • long hours for little pay when compared to western countries
        • poor working conditions
    • Global shift is the relocating of the global economic centre of gravity to Asia from Europe and North America, over the last century. 
      • The shift of manufacturing jobs from Europe, Japan and North America to China.
      • The shift of service and administration jobs to India, especially Bangalore. 
      • irst in 1950s/60s to the asian tigers and accelarated asivaly in the 1990s due to the internet and other new technologies
    • why
      • FDI began to flow into asian countries
      • Asian countries opened up (china open door policy)
      • TNC's wanting cheaper factors of production
      • other TNCs moved to Asia so they had to to compete


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