Global Gender Gap Index: Indices used - HUMAN RIGHTS

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  • Global Gender Gap Index - Indices used by WEF
    • Economic participation  and opportunity
      • labour force participation
      • wage equality for similar work
      • estimated earned income
      • legislators, senior officials and managers
      • Professional and technical workers
    • educational attainment
      • enrolment in primary education
      • literacy rate
      • enrolment in secondary education
      • enrolment in tertiary education
    • health and survival
      • Sex ratio at birth (male:female)
      • healthy life expectancy
    • political empowerment
      • women in parliment
      • women in ministerial positions
      • years with female head of state (past 50yrs)
  • A score of 1 is the higest possible and shows complete equality between men and women
    • this is except for life expectancy as women generally live longer than men due to biological and behavioural differences.
      • women tend to live 6-8 years longer than men
      • everywhere in the world women live longer than men
        • women tend to live 6-8 years longer than men
    • 0 shows that there is complete inequality


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