Global distribution of earthquakes and volcanoes: Completed

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  • Global distribution of earthquakes and volcanoes
    • The earth's surface crusts
      • Oceanic crust -  found underneath the oceans. it is denser than the continental crust and can be sub ducted when one one plate goes under the other
      • Continental crust -  found under land masses or continents. Its is generally older than oceanic crust is less often destroyed
    • Earthquakes
      • Earthquakes are found along all types of plate boundaries or margins
    • Volcanoes
      • Volcanoes are also mainly formed at plate boundaries
      • Hawaiian islands, which are volcanic in origin, formed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, more than 3,200 km from the nearest plate boundary
    • Hotspot theory
      • There are fixed spots in the mantle where magma rises to the surface
      • As the crust moves ove these fixed spots, volcanoes are created, eventually forming a chain of volcanoes


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