Global Development

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  • Global Development
    • Consequences of uneven development
      • Education
        • in poorer countries, education is worse
          • Governments cant afford to invest in education
          • Locals cant afford school fees
          • Cycle of poverty is hard to break out of because young people dont have the skills to get better-paid jobs
      • Health
        • more developed countries have better healthcare systems
        • Life expectancy is greater and infant mortality rates are lower in high income countries
        • in poorer countries, access to healthy food is worse
      • Health
        • People have a greater income in more developed countries
      • Shelter
        • Key social element, determining human development since the 1980s
        • access to housing in developing and emerging countries is difficult
          • many people are forced to live in slums
      • Access to Employment
        • in developing and emerging countries access to employment is limited
          • more people descend on urban cities, searching for a secure job
        • people working in the informal sector lack basic employment rights and an income that is uncertain on a daily basis
      • Food Security
        • estimated 870 million people do not have access to adequate food supplies
        • rapid population growh and low productivity causes high demands for food
      • Technology
        • key factor in driving economic development
        • growth in availability of technology in developing countries
          • increased access to internet and new ways to provide electricity
      • Water security
        • main consequence of uneven development
        • in 2017 the world health organisation and unicef estimated 2.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water
          • people dying each year from water related issues
    • strategies to improve development
      • technology
        • refers to tools, machines and systems that improve quality of life
          • easy to use, affordable and cheap to maintain
        • LED lightbulbs
          • people can work in the dark
            • higher income
          • children can study in the dark
            • increasing skills
      • Aid
        • resources or money given from one country to another
      • Debt releif
        • based on inter-governmental agreements
        • either part or all of a countries debt is cancelled, or interest rates are reduced
        • poor countries have more money to spend on development instead of always worrying about debt
      • Fairtrade
        • based on inter-governmental agreements
        • farmers in LICs get a fair price for their goods
        • farmers have enough money to support their family


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