Global Commons - Antarctica

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  • Tourism and Scientific Research
    • Now a main threat to the continent.
    • During the last 100 years in which people have inhabited Antarctica there has been a large influence on the region.
    • Three types of tourism; Camping/Photographers/ Journalists, ship-board visits  and over-flights which restarted after 20 years (Crash of a plane over Mount Erebus.
    • Such impacts are caused by vehicle exhausts, any construction such as buildings and disposal of sea waste.
    • Tourism is concentrated in the short summer period of mid-November to March).
    • Researchers have been working on the interior near the South Pole or in coastal areas.
    • Oil Spill in 1989 - 250,000 gallons.
    • Despite encouraging signs, the ecosystem is still extremely fragile and any disturbance can leave their impact for a long time.
    • Summer tourist season coincides withe the breeding periods of wildlife.
    • Over-flying by light planes and helicopters can cause stress to breeding colonies e.g. Penguins.
  • Rules are laid down by the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO)


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