A2 Glenn Miller

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  • Glenn Miller
    • About
      • Studied composition and music theory
      • Trombonist
      • 1939 - 42 his orchestra enjoyed popularity and commercial success - recorded 17 top 10 hits in 1939, 31 in 1940, and 11 each in 41 and 42
      • combines sounds of sax and clarinet for a disctinctive resonance
        • clarinet and tenor sax contribute to melody while saxes play complementary harmonic line
    • In The Mood
      • Line up
        • Front line - 4 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones (muted)
        • Drums, acoustic bass, piano and banjo comping
      • Structure - Intro, head (AABB), Series of solos - tenor sax, the trumpet, return to head, coda triumphently climbs , simple sustained unison tonic pitch with rim shot
        • Millers trademark - dying away ending with suspense - us of dynamics and rising sequence with high pitch ending
      • 12 bar blues in G, close harmony, use of blues scale in solo's tenor fight between instruments
      • Riff based material, use of broken chords and arpeggios on clarinet lead and uni saxes with trumpet and trombones adding accented riffs
      • base on an old jazz riff that was passed around, most notable form - Fletcher Henderson - Hot and anxious
    • Untitled
    • American Patrol
      • Scored For
        • 5 Saxes
        • 4 Trumpets
        • 4 Trombones
        • Guitar, Piano, bass and drums
      • Clear symmetrical sections, largely defined by orchestration
        • first section is for saxes and subsequent section is for brass with sax interjections.
        • big sections are broken up with solo or duo passages as well as trademark dynamic contrasts towards end (like in the mood)
      • Military style drum roll introduction
        • A - saxes, with rhythm and brass accents
          • A is repeated with anacrusis and different concluding phrase
            • B - Cup mute brass with sax accents, then saxes
              • C- saxes with brass response (call and response, back to B section, then C with chromatic tutti in brass
                • Bridge - drum solo into Section E - quotes Columbia in the Gem with tutti sections and piano fills
                  • F - borrowed melody on sax with key change fom F to Bb, A3 - main two themes varied with solo trumpet
                    • Coda -fragment of theme shown, dynamics fade to ppp then big ff tutti


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