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  • Glasgow (regeneration)
    • Stakeholders
      • Tourist board for Glasgow
        • want to build up the area to improve tourist attractions
          • more to do and places to stay
      • Local residents
      • Property developers
        • Want any form of new building
          • they will get money form building it
      • Director of social services
      • Glasgow city council
        • want new businesses and tourists
          • improve the reputation
      • University students
    • regeneration is the process where inner city areas are being redeveloped after an industry (ship building and engenering) has closed down and the land is derelict
      • why did the factories close down and more out of inner city areas in the uk?
        • lower labour costs in LEDCs
        • Raw materials cheaper abroad
        • raw materials   exhausted  in MEDCs
        • no room to expand
        • Better access in LEDCs
        • Roads congested
        • More people in LEDCs are willing to work in factories
      • Effects of the industry closing
        • mass unemployment
        • loosing over £20k per year
        • migartion
        • Brown field sites left
    • Population
      • 1801
        • 100,000
      • 1941
        • 1.1 million
    • how did Glasgow go about regenerating?
      • Re-branding
        • method= flagship development
          • Night life
            • Attracts tourists
            • AKA evening    economy
        • Hundreds of new businesses
          • 60 thousand new jobs
            • Enough pull factors for people to start moving / moving back
              • Including the closure of the Gorbals (Tenement housing - 3/4 stories high)
                • Living conditions then
                  • 7 people per square meter population density
                • re-planned in 1960
                  • At first
                    • 'like a dream'
                • new streets will be spacious
      • Using the old brow field sites to put new attractions
        • Brown field sites left
        • including 2 museums
  • University students
  • Want any form of new building
    • they will get money form building it


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