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  • Gladstone
    • Became Liberal Prime Minister in 1868
    • "My mission is to pacify Ireland"
    • Disestablishment: The Irish Church Act 1869
      • This meant that the Anglican Church (which didn't represent majority of Irish people, who were catholic) was no longer part of the Church of Ireland
      • House of Lords and many Conservatives hated this idea
      • Liberals had majority of about 120 MPs
      • No more tithe payments and assets were taken away, receiving compensation of £10 million
    • The Land Act 1870
      • Aimed to address the 3Fs
      • Symbolically important, set a precedent for government intervention in land
    • Education: The Irish University Bill 1873
      • Gladstone wanted to create a secular university in Dublin by combining colleges and wouldn't teach controversial subjects such as history, religion or philosphy
      • Bill was defeated by 3 votes in the House of Commons


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