Gladstone's Reforms - First Ministry (1868-1874)

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  • Gladstone 1868-1874 (Domestic)
    • Forster Education Act 1870
      • School boards were set up, and paid the fees for poor children
      • Girls were now allowed to go to school
      • Religion lessons were voluntary
    • Married Women's Property Act 1871
      • Women could keep £200 of their own earnings
      • Women ratepayers were allowed to vote in local elections
    • Ballot Act 1872
      • The secret ballot box was introduced
      • There was much corruption in elections, and people could lose their jobs or homes over the way they voted
    • Licensing Act 1872
      • Fixed opening and closing times
      • Prohibited the adulteration of beer
    • Trade Union Act 1871
      • Trade Unions had the power to hold funds and property
        • These were now protected by law
      • Workers could strike legally
        • Picketing was made illegal
      • Criminal Law Amendment Act 1871
        • Picketing was made illegal
    • Criminal Law Amendment Act 1871
      • Civil Service Reforms 1870
        • Meritocracy
        • The principle of entry by competitive examination was introduced
      • Ireland
        • Irish Church Act 1869
          • The disestablishment of the Irish Church was the first officially sanctioned dent in the union between Britain and Ireland
          • It created unity among a previously divided Liberal Party
        • Irish Land Act 1870
          • Introduced the principle of fair rent
          • Provided compensation for tenants at the end of their lease if they had made improvements to their holding
          • Secured fixity of tenure as long as tenants paid their rent
          • Arranged for loans to be made available for tenants to purchase land
          • Made provision for tenants to sell their leases


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