glacial landforms

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  • glacial landforms
    • pyramidal peak
      • a  3 sided peak that is met by 3 arete's
    • arete
      • a  steep ridge that leads to a peak
    • cirque
      • steep side hollow at the head of a valley
    • misfit stream
      • a stream that runs in the place of the glaciar in the trough
    • glacial trough
      • the bottom of the valley where there once was a glacia
    • rock bar
      • a band of harder rock in the glacial trough
    • water fall
      • a waterfall of melt and spring water from the glaciar
    • truncated spur
      • the steep edge of the valley which was cut by a glaciar
    • hanging valleys
      • the raised valleys that 'hang' above the trough
    • bergschurnd
      • the cravace at the back of a glaciar


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