"Girls and Boys" - Blur Analysis 1994

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  • "Girls and Boys" Blur 1994
    • Lyrics
      • Deals with sexual roles and the freedom (?) of sexual preference
      • The rise of "Lad" culture, the club culture of the 90s. Scuzzy holidays to Ibiza and what not
      • Influenced by a holiday they went on to magaluf
      • Alot of references to **** time and rise of STD troubles
    • Context
      • Apparently Thom Yorke said he wished he had wrote it
      • The singer just describes it as "a total laugh"
      • Named "song of the year" by NME in 1994
    • Melody and Stuff
      • Chanty Chorus, a dance song making fun of the people who are dancing to it
      • Bassline based on octaves
      • The drum track is a disco drum track on a drum machine on 120pm
    • Bloody Hell
      • There was so much cool stuff going on in the 90s, third wave feminist punk like bikini kill, drug addled grungey punky stuff like sonic youth and nirvarna
        • The "shoegaze" bands like My Bloody Valentine making awesome phsychadelic songs with weird pedals and experimenting without using a single synth
      • You've got sexually ambigous drug addled punk/alt rock like placebo weirding the place up
      • You've got grunge and alt rock getting more alt. Even depeche mode had a druggy alt rock phase in the 90s
      • This song represents the unthinking masses that would rather listen to it and jump about then listen to all the cool stuff that was happening
      • Radiohead were getting weird and deep with "ok computer" in 1997


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