giant molecules

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  • Giant Molecules
    • What is a Giant Molecule?
      • A covalently bonded substance containing a huge numberof atoms
    • give one example of a giant molecule
    • What is an Allotrope?
      • When two (or more) forms of an element exist in the same    physical state
    • Why does Graphite Conduct Electricity?
      • there are 4 electrons in carbon and The fourth electron between the layers is delocalised.
      • It is a free electron and these free electrons between thelayers allows graphite to conduct electricity and heat.
    • Give two Properties of a Giant Molecule?
      • high melting and boiling point
      • very hard
      • do not dissolve in water
      • do not conduct electricity as a solid (except graphite)or as a liquid because there are no ions.


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