Dance - Ghost dances

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  • Ghost Dances
    • Choreographer: Christopher Bruce
    • Company: Various including Rambert Dance Company
    • First performance: 3rd July, 1981
    • Dance Style: a blend of contemporary (Graham-influenced) and ballet with elements of folk andsocial styles.
    • Choreographic Style: thematic with narrative    elements.   Strong characterisation
    • Theme: Political oppression in Chile
    • Starting point: the music and South American rituals and culture
    • Structure: 7 sections
    • Accompaniment: South American songs & folk tunes by Inti-Illamani (Arranged by Nicholas Mojsiejenko) and wind effects
    • Costume:     Belinda Scarlett
      • Ghosts wear wigs and rags and have skull-like masks and bodies painted to suggest bones and muscles. The Dead wear gender-specific, everyday clothes suggesting different walks of life, each wears a unique costume.
    • Lighting:    Nick Chelton
      • Gloomy and shadowy, side lighting highlights the ghosts. Brighter for folk-typedances performed by the Dead. Lighting changes signify deaths.
    • Set: Christopher Bruce
      • The painted backdrop represents a rocky plain and a cave opening. In the distancethere is water and mountains. There are rock-like structures on stage.
    • Staging:  Proscenium


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