Ghost dance

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  • Ghost dance
    • Choreographer
      • Christopher Bruce
    • Company
      • Various, including Rambert dance company
    • First performance
      • 3rd of July 1981
    • Dance style
      • Contemporary with ballet and folk parts
    • Theme
      • Political oppression in Chile
    • Starting point
      • The music and South American rituals and culture
    • Structure
      • 7 sections, each section is with a different type of music
    • Dancers
      • 5 women and 6 men
    • Costume, Lighting and Set
      • Costume- Belinda Scarlett
        • The ghosts wear matted wigs and rags and also have skull like masks. Their body is painted with white paint and black to outline their muscles
      • Lighting- Nick Chelton
        • Gloomy and Shadowy, the side lights highlight the ghosts and when the ghosts pick up the girls there is a flash of light
      • Set- Christopher Bruce
        • Christopher Bruce
        • The painted backdrop represents a rocky plain and a cave opening. In the distance there is mountains and water. There are rock like structures on stage which the ghosts stand on to give them different levels


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