"Ghost Town" The Specials -Analysis 1981

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  • Context
    • "Ghost Town" -The Specials 1981 Analysis
      • Influences
        • Reggae influence. Two Tone record label. Toasting. Offbeat all through
          • Representing the mixed race element of the band?
        • Argubly a jazz influence
      • Nightmarish Theme
        • Intro is diminished chords on a spoopy organ. Ascending with bass, even spoopyer Also reverb
        • Cyclic structure, no escape from depressing times?
        • Chilled out  synth is juxtoposed with bombastic brass. Shouty politicians with the tiny peoples voice? Or the people trying to shout for help?
        • Whole tone scale on synth, sounds evil, snakecharmery
        • Voices in the verse, strong jamaican accent, dark, menacing
        • Weird voices singing high, unthinking masses
        • Police siren sound effects and tumble-weed effect
      • Middle Eight
        • Juxtoposed, Mariachi Trumpet
        • Latin Ball dancing element
        • Good old days, John sings, higher voice. Strong english accent
    • ******** became Prime Minister in 1979
    • "Articulate the mood of an era"
    • Industrial decline in 1981.
    • Mixed Race band, represented GB's growing multiculturalism. Hostile racist groups like the national front cooked up a storm at specials gigs, "too much blood on the dance floor" represents that
      • Guitarist Golding was subject of a racist attack and badly hurt
    • The band also were going through hard times and on the brink of a breakup


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