Poetry Across Time - Relationships - Ghazal

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  • Ghazal
    • Title - Ghazal
      • Iranian traditional poem. Clear rhyming pattern. 5 or more couplets
      • Most of the poem complies with traditions. 2nd to last word in each stanza rhyme - links them together
    • Each stanza is called a sher
    • 'woo'
      • Courting her
    • 'rhyme', 'refrain'
      • To do with songs
      • Idea of unison. Part of the same thing
    • 'iron fist in the velvet glove'
      • Strong and hard and unforgiving, but looks nice
    • 'weave a spell and subdue me'
      • Magical aspect of love
      • She wants to be owned by him
    • 4th sher
      • Idea of unison. Prepared to be at his mercy. But is a strong voice
    • 'laurel leaf', 'bark'
      • Natural imagery
    • 7th sher
      • How she could pair with him
    • 8th sher
      • He'd be prepared to die for her
    • 9th sher
      • If the romance dies then we should still be friends
    • 10th sher
      • I get to be better because of you
    • 'Shamsuddin to my Rumi'
      • Shamsuddin = an ancient character
      • Rumi = 13th century writer who wrote Gahzals
    • Sense of mystery
    • Comparisons of love
    • Lists of commitments but no specific order (continuing)
    • Themes
      • Impossible love, asking him to love her and asking whether he does, unrequited love


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