Social Class and Achievement

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  • Social Class And Acheivement
    • children from working class backgrounds underachieve compared to middle class stundents
    • children from poor backgrounds e.g. living on benefits are more likely to gain at least 5 GCSE's graded from A*-C
    • Connor and Dewson fewer than in one in 5 people from lower class groups participate in higher education
    • External Explanation: 1) Cultural Deprivation 2) Material Deprivation 3) Cultural Capital
    • Cultural Deprivation - Attitudes of parents have an important effect on childrens education. Working class parents value education less than middle class parents which has a negative effect on students leading to poor preformance
      • Feinstein - lack of parental interest for their childrens education leads to underachievement and they go on less educational trips
      • Bernstein - Working class children use restricted code. Middle class use an elaborate code which is used in the education system so it is an advatnage over the working class
      • AO2 - Keddie, the working class children aren't culturally deprived and see it as a myth. They fail because they are disadvantaged by the education system.
    • Material Deprivation - Working class suffer from material deprivation. They have a lack of money and cant afford extras which reduces chances of then succeeding in education. They live in areas such as no facilities, problems and lack of space (over-crowded housing). Middle class can afford to go to good schools, have private tuition, buy extra equiptment and books.
      • AO2 - Not all poor children fail. Those who have supportive parents motivates them more. Ignores other factors such as labeilling which could lead to underachievement,


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