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  • Getting to grips
    • Key info
      • poverty - metaphorical - cancer; kill life & society
        • sociology; cancerous body & soc - how intense, how affected. Wrong medicine = wrong effect.  Normal medicine or alt. medicine
      • revol. movements fight each other not the disease
      • gap between theory and praxis (practice)
      • importance of epidemeology; causes, who, what, when etc.
    • Who's poor?
      • Generalizations = imp of definitions - categorize - can't intervene or analyze w/ relativity w/o precision
      • Person: lack/insufficient/ adeq- food, shelter, medical care, clothing, income ..
        • how to define?
          • variability in geog & people; food caloric intake (U.S), shelter - diff kinds of shelter, how long exp these things, retrospectively e.g, if long - incl in poor category
          • New WB - $730 definition of adeq. variation - median income for family of 4 US $22,440, Alaska is $30,000 + (adj for living costs)
          • May 1965, one yr after Johnson admin. 'war on poverty' Molly Orshansky poverty thresholds: formula =
            • cost of all goods & servies to reproduce our bodies, e.g. by food - caloric intake, - focus on physical body. U.S discourage P
          • Talk about money? Indig population of nearly every country w/ indig people = poorest group
            • gov gives them money - change culture? econ's say are poor, anthropol. say living tradit. Strike balance? Work through problem
          • Nothing is relative; there is a problem - how to deal with them
    • Choice
      • choice conseq - when do people supress making more? look at econ - money could of earned whilst at uni & debts
      • Agency: choosing their own situat
      • internal diff; some sit's may be temporary
    • Other ways to define
      • defint incl causes of poverty condition itself?
      • measurement of structural constraints be part of definition? cultural; e.g prohibit making money, R
      • Differentiate constraints; who's driving it!?
        • culture_> insitution _>culture
      • different ethnic groups - honor/respect cultures. /
        • honor cultures: (bestowed honor at birth, easily lost, will guard honor
        • respect cultures; can get honor back v. easily
    • Economics
      • Econ = about scarcity; allocate scarce resources who, what when...
      • Think about each country & how they invest in people.
      • Individual choice & pubic choice
    • Aim
      • Start applying knowledge learn - use it - how to apply theories; explain why some people are poor


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