Gestalt Processing

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  • Gestalt Principles
    • Area & Symmetry
      • Also known as figure/ground relationship
        • Segregation
          • What elements are ground and what is target object?
      • Elements perceived as figures or ground
        • Ground - Background or landscape on which figures rest
      • Prefer symmetry
      • Symmetrical objects go together
    • Proximity
      • Items near each other perceived more related than things spaced further apart
    • Similarity
      • Perceived to be more related
    • Common fate
      • Perceive elements moving in same direction as being more related than those which are stationary or moving in different directions
    • Uniform connectedness
      • Elements connected by uniform visual properties perceived as more related than those not connected.
    • Good Continuation
      • Elements arranged on a line or curve perceived to be more related than those not on the line or curve
      • We fill in gaps and expect things to go in a certain order
    • Closure
      • When looking at arrangement of individual elements we look for a single recognisable patter
      • Shows us an image that does not necessarily exist
    • Theory criticised for being too simple
      • What law dominates if more than one principle present?
      • No consideration of role of movement, texture, colour or 3D


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