Germany's reaction to the Treaty of Versailles

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  • Germany's Reaction to the TOV
    • Feeling of injustice
      • Didn't feel as though they caused the war but were forced to sign the war guilt clause
      • Being treated as the defeated side but didn't feel like they'd lost
        • Still had an army on the field at the end of the war
      • Should've been invited to discussions
        • Had to sign the Treaty without a choice
    • Angry about the War Guilt Clause
      • Felt that other countries should share the blame
    • Felt insulted
      • Because they weren't invited to join the League
    • Angry about disarmament
      • Army of 100,00 men
        • V small for a country of Germany's size
        • Army was a symbol of German pride
          • Much like the British navy
      • Sank their own ships
        • Out of anger and in protest against the Treaty
      • Angry that nobody else was made to disarm
        • It was an aim of the LON
    • Reparations were too high
      • Caused economic chaos in Germany
        • Crippling inflation
      • Figure was reduced in 1929


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