Germany's economic problems

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  • Germany's economic problems 1921-1929
    • INFLATION occurred because they began to print more money
      • they did this so that they could pay France, Belgium and it's workers.
    • Because Germany had not paid reparations to France in 1921 French troops were sent into the Ruhr and occupied it.
      • one of Germany's main industrial areas.
    • France invaded the Ruhr again in 1923 but this time they were met with passive resistance. (non violent) but soon the Germans carried out industrial sabotage and the French responded with violence and this reminded everyone of the war.
      • This disrupted the economy even more because the government had to help the strikers families which meant printing more money.
    • In 1923 international confidence in the mark collapsed and hyper inflation began
      • the working class and those with savings found themselves penniless.
      • in november £1 was equal to over one thousand trillion marks.


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