Germany before WW1

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  • Germany before WW1
    • German Empire formed
      • 1871
      • German States all formed together
    • Wilhelm 1
      • The Kaiser
        • King of Prussia
        • Kaiser Cheif minister = Chancellor Germany
    • Prussia-Most Powerful member state
      • Controlled Germany
    • Was a Nation struggling to assert its place in the world
    • Dreamed of a united Country
    • German Empire
      • Historical German nation state
        • Sometimes called German Reich
      • Consists of 27 constituent territories
        • Most ruled my royals
    • Germany Became a Federal Republic
      • 1918
    • Had many problems and worries as a country anyway.
      • Too many young people
      • Listening too much to authorities
      • Not easy to ship/Trade with other countries.


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