Germany 1918-45: The recovery of Germany, 1924-29

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  • Germany:1918-1945 The recovery of Germany, 1924-29
    • Work of Streseman
      • Aug 1923: Ebert appointed Gustav Stresemann as his chancellor
      • Stresemann led a number of policies for the recovery of Weimar Republic
    • Rentenmark
      • The old currnecy was replaced with a new temporary on called Rentenmarke
      • soon it was replaced whith a permanent currency called Reihsmark
      • this stabilised the economy
    • Dawes Plan
      • april 1924:he agreed the Dawes Plan with allies
      • Helpred germany to achieve pre-war production levels in 1928
    • Young Plan
      • 1929: Cut reparation payment from 6.6 billion to 2 billion pounds
      • help german economy
    • US loans
    • League of Nations
      • 1926: entry into the League of Nations
    • Locarno Treaties
      • oct 1925:Streseman signed the Locarno Pact with Britain, France, Italy and Belgium
      • guaranteed Germany's Frontiers with Belgium and France and outlawed a repeat of the Ruhr invasion
    • Kellogg-Briand Pact


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