Germany before 1918

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  • Germany before 1918
    • Industry
      • Big iron and steel industry - largest in Europe
      • In 1914 over half of employed Germans worked in industries eg mines and factories
      • Coal output as large as Great Britains
      • Modern and successful
    • Government
      • The Kaiser was the most powerful person and was in charge of almost everything
      • The Kaiser thought up all of the laws
      • The chancellor and minister ran various branches of the government
      • The Reichstag had no say in foreign or military affairs
      • There was one ambassador for each state
    • Empire
      • Kaiser Wilhelm ruled the country
      • The country was created in 1871 and was one of the worlds most powerful states
    • Socialists
      • Industry workers recieved low wages and bad working conditions and so they joined socialist parties
      • People wanted power spread evenly through the states
      • Revolutionaries wanted the rich dead and their power spread throughout the people
      • Parliamentaries wanted the Kaiser to give up his power and spread it among the people


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