cold war 1943-55

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  • cold war  1943-1946
    • conferences
      • Yalta February 1945
        • U.N set up
        • Europe be rebuilt along Atlantic charter (elections)
        • USSR Vs Japan after germany defeat
        • Germany- reduce size, demilitarize, divided and pay reparation
        • Poland under USSR influence but remain democratic
      • Tehran November - December 1943
        • USSR declare war on japan after Germans defeat
        • Poland gain land from Germany lose some land to USSR
        • USA + Britain agree to open second front in Europe
        • set up the establishment of the U.N
      • Potsdam  July-august 1945
        • council of ministers set up to help post-war europe
        • Berlin also divided
        • Nazi party banned and war criminals punished
        • USSR receive 25%of out put from other zones
        • Germany shrank and split into 4 owned by FR,GB,USA,USSR
    • end of the grand alliance
      • Stalin disliked being pushed around by Trumen
      • Truman  did not trust stalin as he broke promises from yalta
      • tensions rise start of the cold war
      • August 1945 USA  dropped bomb on JP
      • GB  suffered economic losses and loss power they did not participate much in the cold war
    • ideology
      • capitalist
        • individuals make better decision at what to make/sell
        • everyone should be free to earn money
        • trade between countries makes everyone richer
      • communism
        • individuals are stronger working together
        • capitalism makes you rich by exploiting others
        • the state should run the economy for everyone benefit
    • telegrams 1946
      • long
        • peace between USA and USSR is impossible
        • USSR saw capitalism  as a threat and should be destroyed
        • the soviet are building military power
        • US ambassador in Moscow
      • Novikov
        • USSR is the only one who can stand up yo the USSR
        • USA  wants world domination and is building military power
        • USA was preparing for war with USSR
        • USSR ambassador in Washington


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