Germany 1871-1914

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  • Germany 1871-1914
    • People
      • Kaiser wilhelm I
        • Gave almost full control to bismarck
      • Otto von bismarck
        • Wanted to unite the states of Germany with Prussia forming modern day Germany
        • Introduced: united currency, postal service, justice system railway and army
        • chancellor  1871-1890
      • Kaiser wilhelm II
        • Family ties
          • Grandson of queen victoria
          • Cousin to George V (king during WW1)
          • Cousin to Tsar Nicholas II (Russia)
        • Political ideology
          • Wanted to find Germany's place in the sun
            • This demonstrates how Germany wanted to keep its empire growing, in order to compete with other nations.
          • Believed he should have full control
            • Furthermore forced bismarck to step down as chancellor
              • The chancellors he chose were weak and not well respected
          • Wanted to build an overseas empire to rival britain
          • Used the popular opinion within Germany that they should build a navy to rival Britains and an army to crush all other european empires
        • Physical and/or mental deformity
          • Withered hand
          • Was said to be a repressed homosexual (considered at the time to be a deformity)
        • Problems faced by the kaiser were the growth of free thinking socialists and early communists and the opposition from Britain in regard to the new naval laws
    • Industrialisatio-n
      • 1880 Germany produced 50% of what Britain was producing in steel
      • 1914 Germany now produces 2x what Britain was making
      • 1914 produced 1/3 of all electrical goods
    • Naval laws
      • Wilhelm wanted a navy to rival Britain


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