German Recovery: Gustav Stresemann

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  • German Recovery: Gustav Stresemann
    • 1924: He became Chancellor until his death in 1929 when he was foreign minister
      • 1926: Nobel Peace Prize
    • Stresemann recovered Germany economically and their was relative stability and calmness- no attempts to over-throw the gov. between 1924-29
      • As the economy fared better, Hitler lost votes as people didn't need him anymore 1924 5% of votes 1929 2%
    • How did Stresemann recover Germany?
      • Stopped printing money - new currency (rentenmark)
      • Dawes Plan: would only pay what they could pay but would pay for longer
        • Charles Dawes (US budget director): also lent Germany 800 million gold marks to kick start the economy
      • Locarno Pact (1925): Germany, Britain, France and Belgium and Italy promised not to invade each other
      • Kellogg- Briand Pact: Germany and 64 other countries agreed not to go to was unless in self-defence
      • Young Plan: Reparations reduced to 112 billion gold marks over 59 years
        • Only 1/3 would be paid each year as to not harm the economy. The other 2/3 would only be paid if it could be afforded
      • 1926: The League of Nations (predecessor of the United Nations)


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