Gerald Croft - Character profile

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  • Gerald Croft
    • Characteristics
      • Respectful
        • "The easy well - bred-man about town"
      • Upper Class
        • "Landed people and so forth"
      • Liar
        • "I wasn't telling you a complete lie."
      • Traditional
        • "I should day so." He agrees with the Birlings Capitalist views
    • Social status
      • Birling wants Sheila to marry him to increase his families status. He also wants his business to join forces with Gerald's father's, as Gerald's family business was the  main competitor of the Birling's business.
    • Themes
      • Young Vs Old
        • If it wasn't for Gerald than it would be easy to say that the older generation are selfish and they don't take responsibility for their actions. Gerald's character shows that the younger generation can also be selfish and have old fashioned views,
      • Social class


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