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  • Gerald Croft
    • Personality
      • eligible bachelor
        • He seems like a good suitor for Sheila, but it turns out he's been lying
        • He finds out that Inspector Goole wasn't a real police officer and sides with Birling, trying to save their reputation
      • future ahead of him
        • Old country family - Birlings' social superior
        • relaxed and comfortable in Mr Birling's company unlike Eric
      • His character shows he doesn't feel sorry for his actions
        • He's the first to use the word "hoax" which shows he's eager to prove the Inspector was a fake
        • By the end of the play he still hasn't learnt any lessons
    • Quotes
      • "the easy well-bred young man-about-town"
        • respectable
      • "I should say so!"
        • traditional - He agrees with Birling
      • "I wasn't telling you a complete lie"
        • He's a liar
    • Themes
      • Social Class - Gerald might have made Eva happy for a time, but he still treated her badly because of her social status. He kept her as his mistress and discarded her when it suited him


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