Gerald- An Inspector Calls

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  • Gerald
    • He is the only one who genuinely cared for Eva
      • Saves her from the man in the theatre
      • Gives her a place to live
        • "I didn't install her there so i could make love to her. I made her go to Morgan Terrace because I was sorry for her"
      • "Had some affection for her and made her happy for a time" - The Inspector talking about how Gerald was more caring than the others
    • Upper Class
      • An example of a higher class with respectable morals
      • Held back by upper class people and their traditions
    • His appeal
      • Due to his class and business ties he appeals to Mr Birling, he also changes some of his views to fit in with Mr Birling and marry Sheila
        • Held back by upper class people and their traditions
      • Also appeals more to the Inspector as he doesn't want to turn away from his mistakes either
    • How he represents Priestley's views
      • An example of the conflict society is faced with
      • His confusions mirrors the audience's in terms of what is right and what is expected of him
    • He's a hard character to understand due to that conflict, the audience therefore either disregard him as weak or dislike him


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